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Nicholas Cop invited to speak at the INSP (Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública, Cuernavaca, México) Congress.

Nicholas Cop presented "Catalogación, Archivos, Datos y su acceso y visualización: apoyo a la transparencia y a la apertura, bienes públicos" at Mesa 3 on March 3, 2016. The PDF of the presentation can be downloaded below. For technical reasons, the PDF copy does not contain the music, sounds and other dynamic elements of the version presented. 

"Catalogación, Archivos, Datos y su acceso y visualización: apoyo a la transparencia y a la apertura, bienes públicos"
Congreso INSP Marzo 2016 - Nicholas Cop.
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Nicholas Cop Consulting and Maverick Publishing Specialists announce strategic partnership - December 2015


Nicholas Cop Consulting announces a strategic partnership with Maverick Publishing Specialists based in the UK. The partnership will allow each company to expand its expertise and geographic base for its services to publishers, information vendors, and research and academic library networks. 

Nicholas Cop Consulting is a firm whose geographic specialty is Latin America and the Caribbean. The firm provides information and education consulting services, sales and marketing representation, and Spanish/ Portuguese to English translation services to publishers, academic and research library networks, and national science councils.

Maverick provides strategic consulting and operational outsource services for the publishing industry. Arranged over four divisions – Strategy, Marketing, Technology/Content and Publisher Relations/Sales Support – Maverick helps publishers, solution providers and intermediaries from all geographies and market sectors meet their corporate objectives.


Workshop "Las nuevas tendencias de la información y tecnologías que facilitan la labor del bibliotecario" at Entre Pares, Mérida, Mexico, Oct. 5, 2015


Workshop presented by Nicholas Cop Consulting on the latest trends in information and technology that facilitate the work of the academic librarian. View the promotional video.


The workshop took place Oct. 5 at the Entre Pares event hosted by CONRICYT/ CONACYT Oct. 4-6, 2015. 


Summary (in Spanish) of the workshop given at Entre Pares 2015, October 5.
For technical reasons, this copy does not contain the videos, music, sounds and other dynamic elements and contents as presented in the original version at Entre Pares on October 5. This copy is only meant to provide the relevant data, URL's and Web sites presented.
Las nuevas tendencias de la información
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"SciELO – 15 Years of Open Access: an analytic study of Open Access and scholarly communication".

Co-authored and co-edited by Nicholas Cop. A detailed description of the beginnings, structure and success of the SciELO open access, peer-reviewed, academic e-journal network. Published in Portuguese, Spanish and English. English version available at

Can monies spent globally on journal subscriptions be completely transitioned to an OA business model to free the journals?

A post by Nicholas Cop on the SciELO Blog regarding the recent article by the Max Plank Digital Library on this question.

XII Conferencia Internacional sobre Bibliotecas Universitarias, UNAM, Mexico City, Oct 29 - 31, 2014

Invited speaker. Presented "La biblioteca y su papel digital y social: Tendencias y  el perfil del profesional de la información" regarding the digital and social role of the academic library today, and the skills required of the information professional.

6 Key Ideas to Understanding Open Access in Latin America and the Caribbean

"6 KEY IDEAS TO UNDERSTANDING OPEN ACCESS IN LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN" published on the "Open Knowledge" blog of the Inter-American Development Bank.

Changes in distributorship of Mendeley Institutional Edition

Nicholas Cop Consulting had been distributing Mendeley Institutional Edtion under a distribution agreement with Swets. In light of the declaration of bankruptcy by Swets on Septemebr 24, 2014, Nicholas Cop Consulting is therefore, for the time being and until another arrangement is found, no longer authorized to distribute or support this product. Elsevier has now taken over the all marketing, sales and post-sales activities for Mendeley Institutional Edition. Please contact Nicholas Cop Consulting for additional information.

SWETS Day 2014 Keynote address, Mexico City, May 8, 2014

Nuevas tendencias en el análisis, la gestión y la selección de la información - SWETS Day 2014
A discussion of various modern tools to help library decision making in the selection of digital tools and information resources for research and education.
Nuevas tendencias en el análisis, la ges
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Nuevas tendencias en el análisis, la gestión y la selección de la información: Insumos para la planeación estratégica en bibliotecas by Nicholas Cop is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Open Access Days, Cairo, Egypt

Invited speaker. Presented "SciELO Strategy to Increase Visibility of Developing and Emerging Countries Journals" and participated in the "Panel on Open Access Initiatives on a Regional and Global Scale", Open Access Days, Cairo, Egypt, 27-28 April, 2014. A description of  Open Access Days in Egypt and the SciELO presentation were posted on the blog of the Open Access Working Group of the Open Knowledge Foundation. 

Swets announces Nicholas Cop Consulting as exclusive distributor of Mendeley Institutional Edition

SWETS Press Release - Nicholas Cop Consulting
SWETS Nicholas Cop Consulting Press 2014
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SPARC Webcast: Open Access Developments in Latin America with Nicholas Cop

A Webcast providing the background and updates on Open Access in Latin America and the many developments the OA SciELO initiative is undertaking. Download the presentation. 

SPARC feature

Open Access in Latin America Embraced as Key to Visibility of Research Outputs. A report of interviews with Nicholas Cop and other experts in open access activities and trends in Latin America.

SciELO open access ebooks, an interview with Nicholas Cop

An interview carried out by prominent blogger Sue Polanka of the influential blog NoShelfRequired.